Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snowy Nails

It has not been snowing much this winter, but I love snow. Inspired by the sparkling beauty of winter, I decided to create the look of iced snow on my nails. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the base color and Sally Hansen Glass Slipper over that. 

I love the entire Sinful Colors line. I have not had too many misses, and most of them wear really well and look absolutely beautiful. However, my bottle of Snow Me White was a bit thick and streaky when I applied it. I added a little thinner, and that helped some. Perhaps I need to add a little bit more. What you see above is two coats' worth. The Sally Hansen polish is fantastic. Nice brush, nice amount of pretty flakes in the polish. It applied very well and dried quickly. I almost wish I would have used two coats of the Sally Hansen polish, but I stopped at just one. I do not usually have much luck with super thick layers of polish. 

Remover used: Glycerin/acetone mix.
Nail prep: Rubbing alcohol.
Base coat: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat. 
Color: Two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and one coat of Sally Hansen Glass Slipper.
Top coat: Seche Vite. 
Wear report: TBA.
Removal report: TBA. 

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